Editing the menu

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Please note that users of Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 will need to unblock this page in order to see the menu. The reason for this is due to the fact that the menu has been written in JavaScript. This feature is considered unsafe when used locally and Service Pack 2 now blocks this by default for your safety. This only happens when you run the menu on a local machine, live use on the Internet will not be affected. Milonic Solutions Ltd assure you that there is absolutely no danger of allowing content from the DHTML Menu provided it has been downloaded from www.milonic.com

For instructions on removing the forced popup message, please visit http://www.milonic.com/removelink.php

For information on menu properties, please see http://www.milonic.com/menuproperties.php
For information on menu item properties, please see http://www.milonic.com/itemproperties.php
For information on style properties, please see http://www.milonic.com/styleproperties.php

Installation instructions - install.html
How to build menus - howtobuild.html
Read Me - readme.html
License Details - license.html

The Chart style sample utilises the following properties:

Horizontal Orientation
Margins for Sub Menus
Solid Borders
Solid Borders for Sub Menus
Item Icons
Mouseover Item Icons
Animated Sub Menu Indicators

Downloading this sample will deliver all files needed to run this sample on your local machine.