Company Overview

BDDF Developments Inc. was founded in the summer of 2003.  This Alberta corporation provides computer consulting services in a wide variety of areas.  Based out of the city of Calgary, BDDF Developments has been providing services to local Calgary businesses, divisions of the Alberta government, and clients throughout Canada.

Company Goal

BDDF Developments Inc.'s goal is to provide customers with efficient, cost effective computer solutions to meet business needs.  BDDF Developments Inc. strives to supply products, services and a relationship that will enhance your business.

Business Needs

In today's business world, computer infrastructure is very important.  For any company, of any size, in any industry, technological products and services are a requirement for a business to thrive.  BDDF Developments Inc. can provide or enhance your technology needs.

BDDF Developments Inc. can incorporate existing technology and can create new customized solutions to meet specialized requirements.  Every company has expertise and experience in many areas.  We leverage your experience with our own to provide you with a product that makes you happy, and improves your activities.

Our products and services make use of Open Source Software.  BDDF Developments is a supporter of the Open Source community.  We believe the freedom provided ensures better technological products evolve.  Our solutions are built upon the Linux operating system and the software available in the Free Software world.